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    Chemists without borders


    As we look forward to the 2008 Nobel prizes, Mike Sutton recalls the work of two scientists who redefined chemistry's disciplinary boundaries

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    Chemistry for the common good


    Marcellin Berthelot was a man of many talents, combining ground breaking chemical research with a busy and successful political career, as Mike Sutton finds out

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    A revolutionary casualty


    In 1789 Nicolas Leblanc was lauded for developing an industrial process that turned salt into soda. Then the French revolution stripped him of everything he had worked for.

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    Transmutations and isotopes


    Frederick Soddy's work with Ernest Rutherford on radioactivity shook the foundations of chemistry. Mike Sutton looks at Soddy's remarkable career.

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    Getting the numbers right - the lonely struggle of Rydberg


    Johannes Rydberg was one of the grandfathers of modern-day physics and chemistry, but persuading his peers to recognise his theories of atomic structure was not always easy. Mike Sutton delves deeper.