An image showing the book cover of Ingredients

Ingredients: The Strange Chemistry of What We Put In Us and On Us


George ZaidanDutton2020 | 320 pp | £19.99ISBN 9781524744274

An image showing the book cover of The Universe

The Universe: A Travel Guide


This book covers every inch of our known universe, from planets and their moons, to asteroids, comets, dwarf planets, exoplanets, stellar objects and the galaxies beyond

An image showing the book cover of Traveling with the atom

Traveling with the Atom: A Scientific Guide to Europe and Beyond

2020-03-20T09:30:00+00:00By Alan Dronsfield

Use this book to plot visits across Europe to the homesteads, graveyards, laboratories, apartments, abbeys and castles of your chemistry heroes

An image showing the radioactive film poster

Film: Radioactive

2020-03-19T09:30:00+00:00By Kathryn Gempf

Based on a graphic novel, this film is both a profile of Marie Curie and a celebration of her discovery, the phenomenon of radioactivity

An image showing the book cover of Rebel Star

Rebel Star: Our Quest to Solve the Great Mysteries of the Sun


An absorbing read about the history of our investigation of the sun and the scientists who made breakthrough discoveries

An image showing the Dark Waters film poster

Film: Dark Waters


A film that charts lawyer Rob Billot’s two-decade battle to bring DuPont to account for illnesses of thousands of class action plaintiffs due to exposure to a toxic surfactant

An image showing the book cover of Say why to drugs

Say Why to Drugs: Everything You Need to Know About the Drugs We Take and Why We Get High


From discussing short- and long-term effects to drug mythbusting, this book is rich with easy-to-follow information about the effects recreational drugs can have on us and the risks associated with each of them

An image showing the book cover of Period



Broadcaster and journalist Emma Barnett’s bold debut book is an important read for everyone

An image showing the book cover of Scientifica Historica

Scientifica Historica: How the World’s Great Science Books Chart the History of Knowledge

2020-02-21T09:37:00+00:00By Jonelle Harvey

A book about books by veteran science communicator Brian Clegg