Susan Aldridge

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    A greener route to amines


    Ruthenium complex provides environmentally friendly route to key industrial intermediates

  • Careers

    Profile: Safety first


    Andy Fowler's experience at the bench and in the factory helps chemists keep their work safe, reports Susan Aldridge

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    The icing on the cake


    A deeper understanding of the biological role of sugar molecules is transforming drug design. Susan Aldridge finds out more

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    Steve Wailes – weed killer


    Organic chemist Steve Wailes uses novel reactions in the fight against crop weeds. Susan Aldridge finds out more

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    The shape shifters


    A sudden change in the properties of a drug as a new polymorph appears can be highly damaging for pharma firms. The industry now appears to be in control of the situation

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    A Diamond investment


    This month sees the UK's Diamond Light Source open its doors to bands of researchers eager to make the most of its synchrotron radiation. Susan Aldridge investigates what Diamond has to offer

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    Chemists imitate nature


    Asymmetric aldol reactions are playing a major role in helping chemists to create synthetic versions of natural compounds. Susan Aldridge reports.

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    The DNA story


    The discovery of the structure of DNA was reported 50 years ago this month.