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  • A UH- 1D helicopter from the 336th Aviation Company sprays a agent orange on a dense jungle area in the Mekong delta - Illustration



    It made Robert Bunsen seriously ill, Michael Faraday thought it 'barbaric' to use in battle and even Fritz Haber – the 'father of chemical warfare' – abandoned it after a fatal accident in his lab. This week, Mike Freemantle tells the story of tetramethyldiarsine, otherwise known as cacodyl.

  • Hypodermic needle with liquid drop

    The latest lethal injection row explained


    Two US states plan to use untried drugs to execute prisoners

  • A satellite image of Southeast Asia

    Asia’s age of regulation


    Safety legislation and data sharing in Asia is making progress but highlights a global challenge

  • US military sprayed more than 40 million litres of dioxin contaminated Agent Orange on forested areas in South Vietnam between 1962 and 1971

    Toxic legacy of Agent Orange lives on in Vietnam


    Scientists are struggling to clean up dioxin-contaminated soil that has been linked to devastating illnesses among thousands of people