Organic matter

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  • Ciguatoxin CTX1B

    Gone to completion

    26 November 2013

    After a 66-step journey, Paul Docherty ponders the future of total synthesis in his final column

  • Marcfortines B (left) and C (right)

    Marcfortines B & C

    5 November 2013

    Paul Docherty ponders a tasty cheeseboard as a source of synthetic inspiration

  • 1013CW-TOT-SYN-Main_300

    Scholarisine A

    26 September 2013

    Paul Docherty marvels at a parade of intricate radical reactions

  • Steviol


    2 September 2013

    Sculpting a molecule from a larger whole is an unusual but effective strategy, says Paul Docherty

  • Opinion

    Melotenine A

    30 July 2013

    Paul Docherty extols the virtues of chiral heteroatoms

  • Opinion


    27 June 2013

    A complex terpene gives Paul Docherty a headache

  • Opinion


    29 May 2013

    Labelling a molecule 'inaccessible to synthesis' is a red rag to a bull, says Paul Docherty

  • Opinion

    Kingianin A

    1 May 2013

    Paul Docherty faces his fears of frontier molecular orbital theory

  • Opinion


    22 March 2013

    Polycyclic acutumine ties Paul Docherty up in knots

  • Opinion

    Lyconadin A

    28 February 2013

    Paul Docherty tackles a serious repeat offender