Sushi: food for the eye, the body and the soul

Sushi: food for the eye, the body and the soul

Ole Mouritsen (translated from Danish by Mariela Johansen) 

New York, US/Heidelberg, Germany: Springer 2009 | 330pp | ?29.99 (HB) 

ISBN 9781441906175 

Reviewed by Jemima Tiller 


The book, written by a biophysicist and amateur chef, describes everything you ever wanted to know about sushi - the ingredients, tools and processes involved in the preparation of sushi and its complementary dishes, together with a variety of other information linking sushi and Japanese cuisine with aspects of cultural history, wellness and science. 

Although not an obvious book to feature in these pages, Sushi: food for the eye, the body and the soul   describes how the chemical composition of sushi ingredients (for example fish muscle) contributes to texture, taste and nutrition. It emphasises how proper preparation can enhance flavour, texture and appearance. 

This book, beautifully illustrated with photographs and original watercolours, is a celebration of the zen of sushi as a gastronomic art form and should be enjoyed by any reader who shares the author’s passion for sushi - including home preparation and consumption and the total experience of the sushi bar.