Massive advances in computational power have – particularly in the last few years – greatly improved the impact that molecular modelling can have on drug discovery projects. These advances mark the start of a new era in quantitatively accurate free-energy calculations, giving researchers unprecedented insight into the factors controlling ligand binding, selectivity, solubility and overall structure–activity relationship (SAR).

State-of-the-art collaborative informatics platforms, including Schrödinger’s LiveDesign, allow exciting opportunities for progress. These include immediate communication between experts across project disciplines, allowing the full range of an organisation’s experience to aid critical design issues.

In this webinar including a presentation from research fellow Daniel Robinson, Schrödinger principal scientist Jas Bhachoo uses a case study to discuss how modelling solutions can help drive drug discovery programs forward.

By the end of this webinar you will:

  • Have learned how Schrödinger’s advanced computational platform can accelerate your drug discovery R&D projects
  • Have discovered how free-energy calculations are giving researchers unprecedented insight into the factors controlling ligand binding, selectivity, solubility and overall SAR
  • Understand how Schrödinger’s enterprise software LiveDesign is revolutionising communication and collaboration within drug discovery project teams

This webinar is brought in association with Schrödinger.

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Source: Jas Bhachoo

Speaker: Jas Bhachoo, Principal Scientist, Schrödinger

Jas Bhachoo is a Principal Scientist at Schrödinger, and straddles the role of Applications Scientist and Head of Education in Europe, working with both the commercial and academic community. Jas has worked at Schrödinger for 15 years and headed a number of education initiatives in Europe, India and the US.


Daniel Robinson portrait

Source: Daniel Robinson

Speaker: Daniel Robinson, Fellow, Schrödinger

Daniel Robinson is a research fellow at Schrödinger, with responsibilities in applications science and customer collaborations. He’s worked at Schrödinger for over 10 years and has been the author of numerous publications, several patent applications as well as taking the lead modelling role in several successful drug-development programs.