An image showing an ultra-high-resolution AFM imaging of single molecules of kekulene

Mystery of whether or not kekulene is superaromatic unravelled after 41 years


Second-ever synthesis and first atomic resolution images of superbenzene reveal its electronic nature

A photo illustration showing the 2019 Nobel prize winners

The lithium pioneers


Katrina Krämer traces the full story of how lithium-ion batteries won the 2019 Nobel prize

An image showing the fish Arapaima gigas

Secret of super-tough scales of giant Amazonian fish uncovered

By Patrick Hughes

Spiral-staircase structure prevents the scales being penetrated by piranhas

An image showing a sign that reads "Supported by bp"

Science and engineering organisations under fire for arms and fossil fuel industry ties


Report charges that it is unethical to have educational programmes sponsored by these industries

An image taken at the arrest of the Singh brothers on charges of fraud

Former Ranbaxy owners arrested for fraud


Singh brothers accused of misappropriation, as well as not paying previous fines relating to Ranbaxy’s takeover by Daiichi Sankyo

A conceptual illustration of gene editing

Study claiming gene-edited babies were more likely to die young was wrong


Database bias introduced major error in a now retracted study on Crispr babies’ mortality

An image showing lines of code on a computer screen

Structures in more than 150 papers may be wrong thanks to NMR coding glitch


Chemical shift-calculating bug casts doubt on studies ranging from natural product discovery to biosynthesis

A photograph showing the Queen's speech

Queen’s speech reveals new research agency planned for UK


Government plans transformative research body based on US’s Arpa to deliver new technologies

A photograph of the copernicium periodic table tile

Copernicium behaves like a volatile noble liquid, simulations suggest


Relativity plays a part in making element 112 very different to its counterparts in group 12

A 3D illustration showing a plasma membrane

Ammonium bicarbonate trick enables sophisticated lipid analysis


Tandem mass spectrometry method can distinguish lipid isomers

An image showing a row of books and an ebook

Dye-coated particles could finally bring colour to e-readers


Dispersion polymerisation method creates particles that can switch between coloured and white states

An image showing a single-crystal X-ray derived model of [MH6] complex

Transition metal complex with geometry predicted over 100 years ago raises eyebrows


A hexagonal planar complex containing rare palladium–magnesium bonds has been reported for the first time

An image showing an incorrect representation of three-centre two-electron bonds

Three centres, two electrons, but how many bonds?


Tweaking Lewis structures allows for a simplified and clearer representation of electron-deficient molecules

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Lithium - Good Enough for Batteries 00

Lithium: Good enough for batteries

2019-10-09T10:58:00+01:00By , Nick Abadzis

The powerful revolution in your pocket – starring Yoshio Nishi, John Goodenough, Akira Yoshino…and Thomas Edison


An illustration of the concept of single atom catalysis

Single-atom catalysis


Single atom and hierarchical nanopore catalysts are reducing the need for precious metals, and could clean up the energy and chemical industries, finds Andy Extance


Atom-by-atom experiments at the edge of the periodic table


Only a few atoms of oganesson have ever been made –  and they all vanished in less time than it took you to read this

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