Principles of modern chemistry (7th edn)

Principles of modern chemistry (7th edn)

H Pat Gillis, Alan Campion and David Oxtoby

Belmont, US: Cengage Learning
2011 | 1120pp | ?51.99 (PB)

ISBN 9781111427832

Reviewed by Fabrice Birembaut


This book is organised into overarching units that are further divided into chapters. I thought that the text was clear and relevant to any current chemistry degree, although it is maybe better suited to 1st and 2nd year undergraduate students. 

There are many figures accompanying the text, and some use daily activities to explain difficult concepts, which is a really good idea and very useful. At the end of each chapter the reader will find either a Deeper look section, which takes the subject a bit further, or sections on the relevance of the chapter to other subjects such as biology or biochemistry. 

What I thought was the best feature of this book is the summary of relevant key points at the end of each chapter, called Concepts and skills, as well as a summary of the key equations introduced in the chapter. Finally, each chapter ends with a cumulative exercise that encompasses the important points developed, followed by some problems. Several appendices are grouped at the end of the book, which include a handy section on mathematics for chemists, answers to some selected problems and the usual tables of physical properties for different compounds. 

In conclusion, this book is an excellent companion for any 1st or 2nd year undergraduate chemist wishing to complement their lecture notes.