CCLRC (Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils)

CCLRC (Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils)
Reviewed by Elisabeth Hazlewood
Mexborough School

Seeing Science with CCLRC is a CD-ROM resource aimed at teaching key stage 3 (11-14 year olds) science using real life scientific situations. It concentrates on investigative science and gives pupils the opportunity to carry out experiments with input from the scientific industry.

It is split into six sections; life, space, materials, food, environment and light, each containing at least one activity. Within each activity are lesson plans, teacher and technician notes, and pupil’s notes where needed. Pupils are encouraged to think like scientists and can see the kind of work that they do. In many of the activities, video clips of scientists at work are included to help the pupils appreciate what they are doing. These include a video of a space test facility and a wonderful clip of food rotting.

Each activity comes complete with a lesson plan which shows where the lesson fits in the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority scheme. These are very helpful and include a starter and a plenary. Background notes are provided to help teachers with their explanation. Many useful websites are also listed for further information. Some of the activities are quite difficult and I am not sure how suitable they would be for some classes, although differentiated outcomes are given.

I feel that this is a useful resource for teachers of key stage 3. Even if they do not use the lesson plans then the resources are very imaginative and will hopefully encourage pupils to see the role of scientists in the real world.

To get a free copy of the Seeing Science CD contact the CCLRC.