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    The gadet scrap heap


    As we constantly upgrade and replace our numerous electronic devices, the rubbish tip of forgotten, out-of-date equipment continues to grow. Maria Burke investigates

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    American rain loses its acidity


    Significant alterations to the chemical composition of rain over North Carolina.

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    Sourcing Bangladesh's arsenic


    Investigating how arsenic gets into groundwater could determine where to site new wells.

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    An end to endocrine disrupters?


    Water companies around the world are investigating the best ways to remove traces of endocrine disrupting chemicals from wastewater, as Maria Burke finds out.

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    Saving a steam ship


    Maria Burke discovers the chemical voyage being taken to rescue a once great ship and the state of the art home that will help preserve it

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    Take two bottles into the shower?


    Shampoo and conditioner in the same bottle is taken for granted by today's silky-haired population. Maria Burke discovers the chemistry behind this clever invention

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    Burn baby burn


    Summer may be over in the northern hemisphere, but the damage that sunbathers have done to their skin will last a lifetime. Maria Burke explains how chemists are tackling the problem head on, with new sunscreens being developed to protect and possibly eve

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    Don't worry, it's organic


    According to public perception, organic food is the more heathy option. But is this always the case? Maria Burke looks at organic farming and explodes a few popular myths.

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    Prosecuting the polluters


    Oil spills and chemical leaks can wreak havoc on the environment, but who is legally responsible for fixing the damage? Maria Burke investigates.

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    Cooking with chemistry


    Maria Burke captures the essence of molecular gastronomy.

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    A safe landing


    Innovative chemistry has saved the historic submarine Holland 1 from a slow decay, says Maria Burke.

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    On delivery


    Chemists are becoming ever more clever in their attempts to deliver new genes to particular cells, bringing the prospect of gene therapy a step closer. Maria Burke reports