Mike Sutton

Mike Sutton

Michael Alfred (Mike) Sutton: born London 1942; married, with two children and three grandchildren 

Education: BA Hons (Chemistry) Oxford 1964; D Phil (History of Science) Oxford 1972

Employment: Research Assistant, The British Museum 1964-5; Assistant Lecturer, Oxford College of Further Education 1965-70; Lecturer/Senior Lecturer, Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic/Northumbria University 1970 – 2004 (Visiting Fellow there 2004-16)

Publications: Over 50 articles on history of science, history of ideas and folklore studies 1971 – 2016; Hon. Editor Ambix 1982-91

Other: involved since 1960 in traditional music, song and dance; member of team representing Britain at UNESCO International Folkloriada, Tokyo 2000

  • Marie Curie (circa 1915) with a group of cameramen on board a ship

    Marie Curie, the migrant chemist

    3 November 2017

    150 years after Marie Curie’s birth, Mike Sutton delves into her life and research

  • Gmelin’s handbooks

    200 years of Gmelin’s handbook

    17 May 2017

    2017 marks 200 years since Leopold Gmelin first published his influential handbook – and it’s still going strong, as Mike Sutton discovers

  • 0116CW_Feature_Bonds_F1_630m

    The bonds that bind

    21 December 2015

    Mike Sutton plots the journey of the scientists who solved the riddle of chemical bonding

  • 0716CWFeatureMount Tambora630

    Sulfate aerosols and the summer that wasn’t

    17 June 2016

    After the Mount Tambora megavolcano erupted in 1815, the years that followed had weather that changed the world, as Mike Sutton explains

  • Times square alternative view - Hero

    History of noble gases

    9 September 2016

    Mike Sutton tells the story of William Ramsay’s hunt for the noble gases

  • 0317CW - Kendrew - Hero

    The chemist with x-ray vision

    24 February 2017

    Mike Sutton tells the tale of John Kendrew and his work on the structure of myoglobin

  • willow bark

    Making pain history

    2 January 2013

    From ancient folk remedy to the wonder drug of the early industrial age and beyond. Mike Sutton traces the remarkable history of aspirin

  • Alfred Werner

    Alfred Werner: the well-coordinated chemist

    26 February 2013

    Alfred Werner’s careful experiments led to the discovery of what came to be known as coordination bonds. Mike Sutton looks at how he pointed the way to chemistry’s complex future

  • Giulio Natta and Karl Ziegler

    Paving the way to polythene

    11 October 2013

    It is 50 years since Karl Ziegler and Giulio Natta won the Nobel prize for their work on polymers

  • periodic table

    Ordering the elements

    20 December 2013

    From the law of octaves to the periodic table as we know it, Mike Sutton traces how chemists put their house in order

  • rows of artillery shells

    Chemists at war

    24 July 2014

    The first world war saw chemistry play a vital role – and in more than just poison gas. Mike Sutton looks back

  • 0215CW_Chlorophyll_F1_630m

    The green molecule

    2 February 2015

    From the observation that plants replenish oxygen in the air to artificial photosynthesis for making liquid fuel, Mike Sutton tells the story of the chemists fascinated by chlorophyll

  • CW0515_Feature_Prout_F1_630m

    Is all matter made of just one element?

    2 April 2015

    William Prout’s answer to this perennial question launched two centuries of controversy. Mike Sutton reports

  • snake swallowing tail

    Snakes, sausages and structural formulae

    9 October 2015

    Mike Sutton tells the story of how August Kekulé dreamt up the structure of benzene

  • 0612CW_FEATURE-Grignard_pg057a-300

    A reluctant chemist

    30 May 2012

    Mike Sutton delves into the actions and reactions of Victor Grignard

  • DNA coils

    The golden helix

    10 October 2012

    The discovery of the importance and structure DNA was more than just Crick and Watson’s eureka moment. Mike Sutton untangles the tale of life’s molecular mysteries

  • News

    Sir James Black, OM (1924-2010)

    30 March 2010

    Sir James Black discovered the world's first blockbuster drug, was awarded a Nobel prize, and rewrote the rules of drug discovery

  • Feature

    A clash of symbols

    29 October 2008

    Two centuries ago, a Swedish chemist developed a system of symbols that formed the basis of the modern language of chemistry. Mike Sutton finds out more

  • Feature

    A nutritional revolution

    29 November 2011

    Mike Sutton bites into the life of Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins, the biochemist credited with discovering vitamins

  • Feature

    Airs and graces

    28 September 2010

    Henry Cavendish was instrumental in unveiling the components of the air that we breathe. Mike Sutton looks back at his life

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