The Metals Society and the Institution of Metallurgists merged to form a new learned society


Royal Society of Chemistry

The prize is awarded in memory of George Beilby

The Metals Society and the Institution of Metallurgists have amalgamated after many years of cooperation, to form a unified body – the Institute of Metals. The new institute will serve the needs of the metal and materials community through its learned society activities and its role as the professional body for metallurgists and material technologists. It has an initial membership of some 13,000.  The institute’s new house journal, free to all members, is Metals and Materials.

Chemistry in Britain (March 1985)

Ed. Since 1985 there have been a number of mergers in the metals/materials area. In 1993 the Institute of Metals merged with the Institute of Ceramics and the Plastics and Rubber Institute to form the Institute of Materials. Then in 2002 the Institute of Materials merged with the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy to form the present Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) collaborates with the IOM3 in various activities. The Beilby Medal and Prize – which recognises work of exceptional practical significance in applied materials science, chemical engineering or energy efficiency – is administered in rotation by the IOM3, RSC and the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI).