Lithium-ion batteries have undoubtedly changed the world around us, but in order for the technology to evolve, it’s essential that we understand the chemistry within. To make the next generation of batteries safer, longer lasting and with higher capacity, it’s especially important that we understand how the electrolyte becomes degraded over time by chemical interactions.

This webinar demonstrates a methodology for comparing battery samples and detecting chemical components that may have undergone chemical degradation.

Studying volatile and non-volatile electrolyte degradation is traditionally performed on separate gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) systems, each using a different software solution. In contrast, the methodology described in this webinar couples GC and LC technologies to the same high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) system. Using the same HRMS system to analyze battery samples, researchers benefit from robust chemical characterization, streamlined sample comparison, and simplified data aggregations and reporting using a single software solution.

During this free webinar you will:

  • Get an overview of lithium-ion batteries and their critical role in powering the future
  • Gain insight into common battery R&D challenges and opportunities
  • Learn a methodology for using high-resolution mass spectrometry in the analysis of volatile and non-volatile lithium-ion battery electrolyte degradants to give insights into battery ageing

Bryan Katzenmeyer, Senior manager, Materials science – Americas field marketing, Waters Corporation

Speaker: Bryan Katzenmeyer, Senior manager, materials science – Americas field marketing

Bryan has 15 years of experience with a specialty in mass spectrometry and separation techniques for the characterization of materials, polymers, monomers, and small molecules. He currently oversees marketing strategies within the Americas for the materials science business segment within Waters Corporation.


Chris Stumpf, Senior manager, strategic program development – chemicals & materials, Waters Corporation

Speaker: Chris Stumpf, Senior manager, strategic program development – materials science

Chris has over 20+ years in analytical chemistry, mass spectrometry and business development. In his current role, he partners with the scientific community in delivering technology solutions that enable researchers across the materials sciences to achieve their goals.


Sarah Dowd, Senior MS applications specialist, Waters Corporation

Speaker: Sarah Dowd, Senior MS applications specialist

Sarah has over 10+ years in analytical chemistry focusing on mass spectrometry. She has done extensive work on chemical materials applications with both tandem quad and high-resolution mass spectrometers. She has collaborated with many customers looking to expand the MS capabilities of their laboratories with Waters’ instruments and software.

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