Aqueous colloidal silica is an important industrial product manufactured from the simplest of ingredients: sand and water. However, its useful properties are far from commonplace, offering huge opportunities in a range of industries.

In this free, hour-long webinar, you will learn about the chemical properties that allow colloidal silica to be a versatile material. For example, these tiny silica particles offer excellent chemical reactivity and high surface area, making them effective as a binder to stabilise many different products – including chemical catalysts, ceramics and high-temperature insulators.

Despite this abundance of applications, colloidal silicas still have untapped potential. Watch the recording to expand your knowledge of the key functional properties of this material and discover new and innovative uses that continue to emerge.

By viewing this webinar you will…

  • Gain insight into colloidal silica’s functionalities
  • Identify key considerations when choosing a colloidal silica for your formulation
  • Understand how colloidal silica can be used in milder conditions as restructuring agents, allowing their application in a wide range of scenarios, from fire retardants to the delivery of encapsulated therapeutic agents

Portrait photo of David Chapman, research fellow

David Chapman: research fellow

David Chapman received his PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Tennessee in the US, after completing graduate work at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His first industrial position was as a researcher in the molecular sieves department of the Union Carbide Corporation. Over his career he has worked with many different types of inorganic oxides in a wide variety of commercial applications. 

At Grace he has contributed to product developments in applications ranging from ink-jet printing to edible oil purification. In his current role he leads product development efforts in support of the LUDOX colloidal silica product line. Chapman is co-author of 17 patent families and of 17 peer-reviewed publications.

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