Nanoscience and nanomaterials: synthesis, manufacturing and industry impacts

Nanoscience and nanomaterials: synthesis, manufacturing and industry impacts
DEStech Publications, Inc.
2011 | 303pp | ?97.71 (HB)
ISBN 9781605950136
Reviewed by Karl Coleman


Nanoscience is an enormous field of research and is growing at a phenomenal rate. It is easy to believe that there is nothing that nanoscience can’t do and no problem exists that it can’t solve! This book is an intriguing read with a focus clearly on nanomaterials and their synthesis. 

The book describes the different methodologies that exist to manufacture materials and goes through chapter by chapter describing each one. It discusses methods from the ubiquitous chemical vapour deposition to the more exotic methods that involve biological systems (albeit a very short chapter!). The chapters on the methodology are perhaps not as comprehensive as a dedicated researcher in the field may want, but they give a give good overall description and are surprisingly easy to read. 

The book is essentially in two parts, the first part devoted to synthesis methodology and the second part dedicated to issues that are important to commercial entities. It is the second part of the book that really makes it stand out. The authors give a really good insight into topics that concern industry such as quality assurance, environmental issues, barriers to commercialisation and health and safety. They also discuss policy, education and training the workforce. Having this second part to the book really gives it the edge over the more traditional nanomaterials or nanoscience books that seem to gloss over industrial aspects. 

In summary, I think the book is very timely, easy to read and will appeal to a broad readership, in particular I would recommend companies (big or small) who are potentially interested in nano to give this book a read. It won’t quite save your life but I am sure you will be glad you read it!