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    Profile: Sense of success


    'I enjoy a challenge', Nathan Lawrence, senior research scientist at Schlumberger Research, tells Emma Davies

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    The insider: Living history


    Jobs in science centres and museums are hard to come by and competition is fierce. The work requires bright, enthusiastic and imaginative people, reports Emma Davies

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    Profile: Atomospheric research


    Ally Lewis could probably take apart a gas chromatograph with his eyes closed in the jungle or on a glacier, writes Emma Davies

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    Clever comestibles


    Controlling the microscopic structure of foods could make diet products that help you feel fuller for longer. Emma Davies gets her teeth into some edible colloids

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    UK report calls for new approach to strategic metals


    Cradle-to-cradle strategy could improve supply security

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    Company Profile: Coatings chemistry


    AkzoNobel, the global paints and coatings company and producer of speciality chemicals, is looking forward to rapid growth in China, writes Emma Davies

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    Chemistry in every cup


    Coffee has a conflicting reputation - is it a guilty pleasure or a life saving elixir? Emma Davies gulps down an espresso and investigates

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    60 years of innovation


    To celebrate the international year of chemistry, James Mitchell Crow looks back at some of the discoveries and developments made by chemists over the past six decades

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    Mummy mania


    Mummified remains from Egypt and beyond hold chemical information about the daily lives of ancient civilisations. Emma Davies reports

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    Critical thinking


    As our supply of some essential elements dries up, it's time to start urban mining. Emma Davies reports

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    Profile: Teach the teachers


    Teaching is in Jane Essex's blood. After years teaching in schools, she is now inspiring the next generation of chemistry teachers - and loving it, as she tells Emma Davies

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    Managing change: School of hard knocks


    Peter Cook has woven together a love of rock music and science to create a novel team building experience for big business, as Emma Davies finds out

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    The bones of it


    Isotope and DNA analysis of archaeological remains offer new insights into the diets and origins of ancient populations. Emma Davies digs up more information

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    Dynamic degrees


    The University of Bristol's innovative teaching labs are marketing their electronic laboratory manuals around the world. Emma Davies reports on an education success story

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    Lets get physical


    Physical chemists are finding themselves more in demand than ever. Emma Davies finds out why

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    Sweets for my sweet


    Could new sweet enhancers and natural sweeteners finally make zero-calorie products taste more like the real thing? Emma Davies finds out

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    One extreme to another


    It takes a mix of ingenuity and engineering expertise to develop mass spectrometers for use in extreme environments. Emma Davies investigates

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    A radical old age


    As we expand our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of ageing, could we soon see a jump in 'healthspan'? Emma Davies talks to the scientists tackling age-related disease

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    The biofuel future?


    The chemistry to convert waste into fuels is now being tested at pilot plants around the world. We may have the science, but are governments and industry ready, asks Emma Davies

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    Fruits of the forest


    Last summer a team of UK scientists dragged the contents of their lab out into the jungle, to analyse the local atmosphere. Emma Davies finds out what they discovered