Scientists to market 

The European Research Council, the EU funding programme for cutting edge research, is to offer scientists that it already funds, the chance to apply for a grant of €150,000 (£132,300) to help them develop their ideas for the marketplace. If successful in their applications, the individuals can use the funds to do market research, investigate commercial opportunities or clarify intellectual property questions.  

Position vacant at BIS

Brian Collins, the chief scientific adviser to the UK department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is due to leave his position as this issue goes to press. But as yet, no one has been appointed to take his place. The concern is that if the process to recruit his successor takes several months, there will be a lack of scientific advice for a department that manages most of the UK science budget. 

Plant-based bottles 

Coca-Cola has launched its 100 per cent recyclable plant-based drinks bottles in the US. Dasani water drink bottles will be made from polyethylene terephthalate with up to 30 per cent plant-based materials, and Odwalla juice bottles will be made out of high density polyethylene (HDPE) from up to 100 per cent plant-based materials. The goal is to make traditional plastic bottles a thing of the past, said Scott Vitters, general manager, PlantBottle Packaging platform, at The Coca-Cola Company. 

Go Figure 

£280 billion  

The estimated yearly cost to the EU of nitrogen pollution from farms, vehicles, industry and waste treatment, according to a study by 200 European experts.