We all like to keep our data tidy. When Excel arrived, the program became the natural choice for scientists and remained so for decades.

While Excel has revolutionised the way we collect and interpret information, chemistry is more and more dependant on wrangling data from a wide variety of sources, often in formats that spreadsheet-style programs struggle to manage in one place.

In this one-hour webinar, industry experts from PerkinElmer Informatics showcase process chemistry best practices for chemical industry companies in the early stages of their digital transition, showing how an integrated software platform can help you reduce unnecessary duplication of experiments – as well as valuable time spent acquiring necessary knowledge.

After outlining the most common business problems we often encounter, they use a combination of presentation and live software demonstrations to show you how to streamline your data. You’ll see how PerkinElmer’s Informatics Signals Research Suite offers a chemistry-friendly solution, enabling you to capture and analyse all the data from your process chemistry workflow.

The content of this webinar is designed for chemists, laboratory technicians, IT professionals or department heads who are looking to unclutter their data and move to a more unified workflow.

By attending this webinar you will learn:

  • To easily capture chemistry data to the cloud using an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) – using natively embedded ChemDraw
  • How a chemistry-driven ELN can help you and your team expedite process development and optimisation workflows through lightning-fast search capabilities and digital experiment creation
  • Ways an advanced visual analytics platform can help you shine a new light on existing process chemistry data, enabling you to uncover unforeseen data trends

Portrait of Pierre Morieux

Speaker: Pierre Morieux, Chemistry product marketing manager

Pierre gained a chemical engineering degree in 2006 from the ENSCP Chimie-ParisTech in France, before earning a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences in 2010 from UNC-Chapel Hill, US. He followed this by doing a postdoc at the ISIS institute of the University of Strasbourg, France, where he remained until 2012.

While looking for a research chemist position in the pharmaceutical industry, Morieux published a highly popular ChemDraw YouTube video that got the attention of PerkinElmer. Pierre joined PerkinElmer as a field application scientist for chemistry applications, before becoming the product and marketing manager for ChemDraw in 2017. Since then, he has driven the evolution of ChemDraw and ChemOffice over 5 major releases (v17 through to v21), bringing in critically acclaimed new capabilities to the software. 


Portrait photo of Paul-Steffen Kuhn, Field application scientist at PerkinElmer Informatics

Speaker: Paul-Steffen Kuhn, Field application scientist, PerkinElmer Informatics

Paul holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of Vienna, Austria, and did postdoctoral research at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden – where he worked on medicinal chemistry and specifically proteolysis targeting chimeric technology (PROTAC) research.

In 2018, Paul joined PerkinElmer Informatics as a field application scientist. In this role, he focusses on helping customers with their digital transformation and on promoting PerkinElmer’s cloud-native Signals Notebook and other connected Signals solutions.


Portrait of Manish Khandagale, Senior Field application specialist at PerkinElmer Informatics

Speaker: Manish M. Khandagale, Senior field application specialist, PerkinElmer Informatics

Manish M. Khandagale is a senior field application specialist at PerkinElmer’s Informatics team. He has extensive experience in pharmaceutical research and development, as well as scientific support roles in analytical instruments and scientific software industry.

He is responsible for providing technical and strategic support to drive our mission of empowering scientists to make data-driven decisions by utilising our informatics solutions.


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PerkinElmer Informatics offers one of the most comprehensive suites of scientific software in the world. Our powerful informatics solutions are used across a spectrum of industries including pharma and biotech, specialty & agro-Chemicals, energy & petrochemicals, flavors & fragrances, food & beverage and electronics.

From our internationally recognised flagship ChemDraw and E-Notebook applications, to our Signals Research Suite (Signals Notebook, Signals VitroVivo and Signals Inventa) to our exclusive TIBCO Spotfire partnership that brings scientific data analytics to visual life, no scientific company offers a wider range and more powerful suite of scientific solutions than PerkinElmer Informatics.