See our reaction to the 2023 Nobel prize in chemistry announcement

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It’s that time of year again – the Nobel prize is back, and with it comes global excitement about a diverse range of chemical exploration and innovation. In this webinar you will hear about the groundbreaking achievements unveiled by the Nobel prize in chemistry 2023. Our expert panel will delve into the award-winning research to celebrate and analyse the latest recognition of this important contribution to the world of chemistry.

This hour-long, free and interactive webinar will feature discussions about the far-reaching impact the Nobel-winning work holds. Whether you’re a seasoned chemist, an aspiring researcher, or simply someone with a curiosity for scientific advancement, this webinar will highlight the remarkable strides being made at the forefront of chemistry.

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Phillip Broadwith

Speaker:  Phillip Broadwith, Business editor, Chemistry World

Phillip will kick things off, giving us a brief summary of why the prize is so significant.


Portrait photo of the RSC's May Copsey

Speaker: May Copsey, Executive editor, RSC Publishing  

May has seen how this work has become more commonplace, and will give her thoughts from an RSC journals perspective.

 More panellists to be announced soon…

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