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  • Alan Sugar and Ricky Martin

    You're hired

    4 January 2013

    Alan Sugar’s latest apprentice is setting up a recruitment agency specialising in sectors that make a difference. Emma Davies finds out more

  • News

    US urged to rethink chemistry graduate education

    14 December 2012

    American Chemical Society report highlights systemic problems like a possible glut of chemistry PhDs and a need to bolster academic lab safety

  • 1212CW_JOBS-Careers-clinic_300

    Compute with confidence

    20 November 2012

    Charlotte Ashley Roberts gives some advice on finding a job as a computational chemist and the importance of staying positive

  • Careers

    Your route to recruitment

    11 July 2012

    Three recruitment agencies tell Yfke Hager their job hunting tips, and explain how they can lend a helping hand

  • Careers

    Working in isolation

    27 April 2012

    Living in rural or remote areas can make job hunting even harder. But there may be more opportunities than you think, explains Charlotte Ashley-Roberts

  • Careers

    First impressions

    27 April 2012

    In today’s competitive jobs market, graduates need to get noticed. Simon Perks explains how to make a standout application

  • Careers

    Working abroad

    31 March 2012

    Working in another country affords a world of new experiences and opportunities, says Charlotte-Ashley Roberts, but there’s a lot to think about before you start packing