Money will fund 15 research centres and 200 PhDs to target the hardest cancers to beat

Cancer Research UK has announced a £100 million investment in 15 innovative research centres, acquiring high level expertise to solve the latest challenges in cancer. The world’s leading cancer charity aims to speed up the rate of discoveries and deliver prompt improved treatments and diagnoses for patients as part of its latest initiative to develop a network of excellence.

Spread across the UK, the centres will focus on a specific area of research and form collaborations between researchers, local universities, the NHS and Cancer Research UK. Funding will also forge cross-disciplinary collaboration to tackle rarer and tougher cancers, to increase the chance of a discovery in these areas.

Almost 200 PhDs will be funded by the network to train the next generation of cancer researchers. About 80 of these will form the largest cohort of cancer-focused clinical PhDs in the EU, helping to tackle the shortage of clinical scientists by opening up new opportunities for clinicians to undertake cutting edge research.