The Royal Institute of Chemistry celebrated its centenary with a luncheon and a reception at the science museum

In celebration of the centenary of the Royal Institute of Chemistry (RIC), a luncheon took place in the Hotel Russell, London, attended by over 300 members and guests, including Harold Wilson and specially invited representatives of government, industry and the academic world. Eric Parker read a congratulatory message from the Queen. Later that day in Logan Hall, Ewart Jones, a past president of the Institute, introduced Harold Wilson, whose address ‘In praise of chemists’ told of the Wilson family’s association with chemistry, the chemical industry and with the Institute (his father was an Associate). He stressed his concern over the lost opportunities in converting scientific achievements into commercially profitable ventures and posed the question ‘where ought the responsibility for science be in government?’ A third event taking place the same day was a reception at the Science Museum, graced by the Duke of Kent who formally opened the refurbished chemistry galleries, and a special RIC Centenary Exhibition.

Chemistry in Britain (July 1977)

Ed. To mark the centenary of the RIC, the Post Office issued a set of postage stamps on 2 March 1977 highlighting British Nobel prize winners in chemistry, including Derek Barton and William and Lawrence Bragg.