40 years ago in Chemistry in Britain

40 years ago in Chemistry in Britain

Bayer exhibited the world’s first all-plastics car at the Dusseldorf Plastics Fair. The new polyurethane, Duromer, was used for parts of the car body where low weight and high strength were required, eg the engine bonnet, roof and luggage boot cover. The mudguards, door, front and rear plates were made from sandwiches of Hartmoltopren with facings made from reinforced epoxide resin and ABS polymer or from GRP laminates. Radiator grills, mirrors, body belt mouldings were produced from thermoplastics by injection moulding and extrusion processes. The instrument panel and the safety cover were made from Bayer polyurethane integral foam. A transparent plastics sheet has been developed as a substitute for glass (Chemistry in Britain, January 1968). 

Flashback Ed: In March 2007, Bayer MaterialScience marked their 30th anniversary, by developing a drivable ’glass car’ in conjunction with Rinspeed. The eXasis has a completely transparent body and floor made of Makrolon.