Join us 27 June to learn how new AI and HPC capabilities will enable novel solutions to complex chemistry problems

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Today, we stand on the brink of unprecedented innovation, with advanced AI models ushering in a new era for scientists to find better solutions to urgent challenges.

In this special session, Microsoft will deep dive into the latest advancements across AI and simulation tools, looking at how new capabilities will enable R&D professionals to create and understand new solutions to complex chemistry problems.

By joining this hour-long, interactive webinar you will get a first look at upcoming announcements of Azure Quantum Elements features and see examples of use cases that are empowering chemists to accelerate the discovery pipeline.

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  • Discover how recent AI advancements are empowering scientists to discover novel molecules
  • Learn how one of the world’s largest consumer goods company’s is leveraging HPC and AI to drive innovation and accelerate the development of new products
  • Explore the latest tools to accelerate certain chemistry simulations including density functional theory and molecular dynamics

Our guest speaker


Portrait image of Conrad Johnston of Azure Quantum Elements at Microsoft

Conrad Johnston

Conrad is an applied scientist at Microsoft in the Azure Quantum Elements team. In this role, Conrad develops new computational workflows and accelerates customers’ adoption of computational tools and techniques. His PhD is in computational condensed matter physics, but his research has also ventured into the related fields of computational chemistry and computational biology. Before joining Microsoft, Conrad held postdoctoral positions at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the US, EPFL in Switzerland, and Queen’s University Belfast in the UK. He’s passionate about lowering the technical barrier to entry to democratise computational tools.

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Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. Microsoft introduced Azure Quantum Elements as a comprehensive system that empowers researchers to make advances in chemistry and materials science with unprecedented scale, speed, and accuracy. With it, organisations can accelerate scientific discovery and bring innovative products to market more quickly and responsibly. For more information, visit the Azure Quantum Elements page or sign up to learn more about the Private Preview.

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