Statisticians at WL Gore partner with engineers and scientists across the organisation to ensure quality and reliability in all aspects of the business. Learn how WL Gore uses definitive screening designs to analyse multiple factors and optimise production processes. In this case study, Maria Lanzerath shows how definite screening designs were successfully applied to develop and optimise a polymerisation process. Maria is joined by Valérie Nedbal, a senior systems engineer at JMP, making for an engaging look at how this software can be used.

In this webinar you will learn how Design of Experiments (DOE):

  • Create improved process understanding
  • Achieve faster and more targeted experimental product development
  • Help subject matter experts to make decisions based on data

Portrait photo of Maria Lanzerath, Global head of statistics at WL Gore

Speaker:  Maria Lanzerath, global head of statistics, WL Gore

Maria Lanzerath leads a global team of statisticians at WL Gore, working with scientists and engineers to ensure that statistics is embedded throughout the manufacturing process. She has been an industrial statistician with the company since 1997, providing expertise in designed experiments, statistical process control and data-driven decision making, as well as developing a company-wide DoE training class for scientists across the world. Previously, Lanzerath studied statistics at the Ludwigs-Maximilians University in Munich.


Portrait photo of Valerie Nedbal

Speaker:  Valerie Nedbal, senior systems engineer, JMP Software

Valérie Nedbal PhD serves as senior JMP system engineer in the Global technical enablement team at SAS Institute GmbH in Heidelberg, where she works closely with customers on software knowledge and implementation. Prior to that, she was product manager for bioinformatics for SAS EMEA and supported life science sales activities. Before joining SAS, Valérie was Senior field marketing manager for LION bioscience AG. Valérie Nedbal holds a PhD in molecular biology from the German cancer research center in Heidelberg.


Ben Valsler

Moderator: Benjamin Valsler, digital editor, Chemistry World magazine

Ben is the digital editor of Chemistry World magazine, producing video and podcasts to accompany the magazine and website. Prior to joining the Royal Society of Chemistry, he was the producer of the award-winning Naked Scientists, making local and national radio programmes for the BBC, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Primedia in South Africa.


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