Lonza’s Claire Baril joined us for this free webinar, presenting a case study on the Simulation Experiment tool with a focus on its use in the biopharmaceutical industry. Also in attendance was JMP senior systems engineer Emmanuel Romeu, giving a well-rounded understanding of how the software works.

JMP’s Simulation Experiment tool is capable of running over 100 simulated experiments in a matter of seconds, allowing scientists to calculate overall defect rates and visualise factors using a 3D, space-filling design.

Key drivers in early-stage process development are often performance and yield. Scalability, robustness and validity are also crucial targets, but too often they are assessed late in the product lifecycle, where adaptations can prove costly.

With Simulation Experiment and a valid DoE model, any operating point within the characterised range can be quantified in terms of defect rate and standard deviation of the output variation. In addition, optimal operating points fulfilling several targets simultaneously can ultimately be identified.

By the end of the webinar you will know how to…

  • Use JMP’s Simulation Experiment tool to determine how strong a current operating point is
  • Find the most stable operating points
  • Locate the best possible operating point based on multiple targets

A portrait photo of Lonza's Claire Baril

Speaker: Claire Baril

Claire Baril works as a development scientist at Lonza AG in Visp, Switzerland, where she is responsible for the development of microbial fermentation processes in lab-scale. She graduated with a MSc in chemical engineering and biotechnology in 2017. Claire uses JMP in particular to setup and analyse DoE experiments.

Portrait of Emmanuel Romeu, senior systems engineer for JMP

Speaker: Emmanuel Romeu

Emmanuel Romeu is senior systems engineer for JMP, where he supports sales and customer development in France. Prior to joining JMP, Romeu worked for more than 15 years as R&D project manager for Beckman Coulter following a role as Industrial Development Manager at IMMUNOTECH.


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