Time for some renovation

We’ve made some changes to Chemistry World online…

It’s still got all the same great content, but the look and feel of the site – as well as the underlying architecture – has undergone some substantial renovation.

We love the new look. And we think that you’ll love it too. But more importantly we think that the new design will really improve your experience. In particular, it will make it easier to find the content you’re looking for, and pull together related content in a more meaningful way, so that you glide through the site with the minimum of fuss.

First step

The work you’re looking at now is just the start of an ongoing development project. Over the next few months you will see the arrival of new functionality, the transfer of archive content to the new design – and the integration of your feedback.

The last of these is really important. It’s the reason we’ve tried to bring you the new design as quickly as possible. (Some parts of the site are still covered by the old design.) Let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of this page and we’ll do our best to incorporate these ideas as we extend the new design over the whole site.

Three things available now:

Commenting. You can now comment on many of the articles using the section below the main text.

E-first publishing. All CW content will now appear online as soon as it becomes available. This means that features, comments and other articles that used to appear in print first will be optimised for online publication and reach you at the earliest opportunity.

Tabbed browsing. The site is now optimised for online readers, with fewer artefacts of print publication relating in particular to the way in which the content is organised.

Three things coming soon:

Related content. The site is now driven by a powerful database system that will highlight content of interest based on your activity.

Dynamic search filtering. The same system will allow you to customise your searches to take you as quickly as possible to the content you want. See it in operation at the RSC journals publishing platform.

Archive content. You will be able to enjoy all existing CW content within the new design. (For now, please visit the archive to browse older content.)

Have fun exploring!

The CW team