Independent report says country’s research base is healthy, despite growing friction between scientists and government

Canadian science is healthy and growing, according to an independent expert panel. The Council of Canadian Academies has published a 232-page report taking an in-depth look at Canadian research and development since 2006. The panel found that Canada produces 4.1% of research papers worldwide, despite only having 0.5% of the world’s population, and that the country excels in physics and psychology.

However, this may do little to placate those scientists who took to the streets in July to protest against cuts to research and the government’s environmental policies. The report revealed that research on natural resources and the environment was falling behind, having been two of the country’s best research areas in 2006. Relations between scientists and the government in Canada have been strained recently, with accusations of politicians ‘muzzling’ scientists by introducing restrictions on them speaking to the media.