120 jobs under threat from closure of Neusentis subsidiary R&D site

Pfizer plans to shut down its Neusentis site on the outskirts of Cambridge, UK, in a move that will eliminate up to 120 jobs. The move comes days after Pfizer confirmed that it will merge with Allergan.

Neusentis was established as a Pfizer subsidiary in 2011, and performs research on pain management, regenerative medicine and disorders linked to ion channels. According to a Pfizer statement, the company is planning to ‘reduce its investment in pain as a dedicated early research and development area’. Pfizer’s remaining presence in Cambridge is through its Device Centre of Excellence, which employs around 30 people and develops drug delivery devices.

In 2012, Pfizer sold its labs in Sandwich, UK, where it had developed several successful medicines, including erectile dysfunction drug Viagra (sildenafil).