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    Budget boon for science and industry


    Science and industry are offered a glimmer of hope in the latest UK budget

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    Microbes implicated in Alzheimer's


    For many years, beta amyloid has been blamed for causing Alzheimer's - but could it also be protecting us from infection?

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    UK must avoid 'neglected decline' in research


    Report from top science council calls for science spending to be prioritised for UK research base to remain globally competitive

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    Painting the town green


    As new environmental legislation alters the allowed constituents of paint and varnishes, Sarah Houlton reports on how paint manufacturers are tweaking the contents of their tins

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    Report hits out at GSK's Avandia


    Two US senators claim GlaxoSmithKline knew about a link between a diabetes drug and heart attack, and pressured doctors to withdraw concerns

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    Europe's new research commissioner sworn in


    Máire Geoghegan-Quinn will need to make good use of her advisers to offset her lack of science background

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    EU to look into chemical mixture exposure


    EU Council asks whether current legislation adequately assesses risks from exposure to multiple chemicals from different sources

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    Operation outsource


    Western companies are now outsourcing highly skilled science work to China. Can the industry's growing demands be met, asks Sarah Houlton

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    Who's who: Secrets of the headhunter


    Headhunters have a nose for who is right for a job but you can help yourself to be sniffed out, as Sarah Houlton finds out

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    Pharma's year of merger mania


    Our round-up of the pharmaceutical industry in 2009 shows the fallout from this year's mega-mergers has swept across the sector

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    New hep C breakthrough


    A new microRNA-based hepatitis C treatment that could avoid drug resistance is being tested on humans after encouraging trials in chimps

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    A pharmaceutical named desire


    A failed antidepressant has been shown to increase women's sex drive

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    Profile: Hair today


    Combining know-how from different businesses helped Procter & Gamble win the 2009 RSC Teamwork in innovation award for the development of hair dye product, Perfect 10

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    Who's who: Agency access


    Recruitment agencies often offer the only route into a job, but you'll need to register with a few and be prepared to listen to what the consultants say, as Sarah Houlton reports

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    ERC overhaul in wake of review


    European Research Council to streamline peer review process and hire a scientist to run the agency in response to criticism by independent review panel

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    EC pushes renewables research


    European Commission calls for multi-billion euro boost for green energy research

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    Chemistry of life wins Nobel


    Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, Thomas Steitz and Ada Yonath win Nobel prize for chemistry for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome

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    The insider: Food forensics


    When food is contaminated, teams of chemists are at hand to help track down the molecular culprits, reports Sarah Houlton

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    Abbott wins the race for Solvay's pharma business


    Abbott has beaten off rival bids to acquire its cholesterol-franchise partner, Solvay Pharmaceuticals.

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    New HIV vaccine hope


    For the first time in decades, researchers have discovered new broadly neutralising antibodies that could lead to an effective vaccine for HIV