History has proven that automation can be an effective means of increasing productivity. However, achieving this with chemical synthesis is particularly challenging – the nature of the work makes it complex and unpredictable, and many chemists are inexperienced in handling automation. These issues put barriers in the way of appropriate workflows, wasting valuable time.

Synple’s ‘Capsule Chemistry’ synthesiser, with its pre-installed reaction protocols, provides chemists with an easy-to-use tool that makes chemical synthesis as easy as making a cup of coffee. The results are reliable and easily adapted to suit different projects, enabling scientists to do more.

The content of this free, hour-long webinar will be of interest to researchers in drug discovery research, who are looking for practical and efficient ways to increase their productivity through the use of simple and accessible automation tools.

By the end of this webinar you will…

  • Have an appreciation of the challenges posed by automating chemical synthesis
  • Be equipped with a firm understanding of how Synple’s ‘Capsule Chemistry’ concept works
  • Understand how the digitalisation of chemistry can influence future discovery research processes

Portrait photo of Benedikt Wanner, CEO of Snyple Chem

Speaker: Benedikt Wanner, CEO

Benedikt obtained his PhD in the group of professor Bode at ETH Zürich, Germany, where he began work on the ‘Capsule Chemistry’ project. Subsequently, he was awarded an ETH pioneer fellowship to develop the idea into a viable commercial product. Wanner is co-founder and CEO of Synple Chem, establishing it as a leading automated synthesis company.

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