An image showing a fragment of the EPA building outside

US environmental body ditches ban on grantees on advisory panels


After several legal defeats, the EPA has backed down on controversial policy

AN image showing the Hull chemical plant

Ineos to buy BP petrochemicals businesses for $5bn


Deal covers 14 acetyls and aromatics manufacturing plants and 10 joint ventures

An image showing covid blood samples

Explainer: The science of Covid-19 testing


Rapidly-deployed methods are saving lives and easing minds

An image showing a tractor with a sprayer

Bayer commits over $10bn to resolve legacy Monsanto lawsuits


Agreement settles about 75% of Roundup-related cases and resolves PCB and dicamba litigation

An image showing a plan

Roadmap plans route out of pandemic purgatory for UK research


Ambition applauded by science community but researchers yet to be sold on its substance

An image showing a Brexit network

EU science programme will be hurt by Brexit but will survive


Network analysis suggests excellent science pillar of Horizon framework will be hardest hit 

An image showing a passport and visa

Fears that US clampdown on student visas will hamstring nation’s research


The country’s universities could suffer if restrictions aren’t eased soon

An image showing code breaking up

Chemistry’s reproducibility crisis that you’ve probably never heard of


Legacy issues are posing important questions for scientific software developers

An image showing the home-made setup

Photocatalysis in flow makes carbon bonds from nearly inert natural gases


C–H activating methane, ethane and propane in a flow reactor shows that it’s possible to use gaseous hydrocarbons as reagents in organic synthesis

An image showing Nadine Borduas-Dedekind collecting freshly fallen snow

How the products of fire control the formation of snow


Nadine Borduas-Dedekind brings an organic chemist’s arrow-pushing insight to reactions in the atmosphere

An image showing a rotaxane

Light-harvesting wheel reinvented by chemists copying bacterium


Synthetic mimic of complex at the heart of photosynthesis offers new ways to capture solar energy

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