It’s the end times in this episode as we’re reading The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking). In five scenarios, cosmologist Katie Mack explores how the universe might meet its ultimate demise and what this might look like if anyone were still around to see it. The book promises to be a wildly fun ride to the farthest reaches of scientific knowledge.

Find out what we thought about the book, whether you should read it, and hear from Mack herself as she talks about translating complex maths into everyday language and how the end of the universe makes her feel.

You can also find Frances’ full review of The End of Everything here.

Next time, we’ll read Written In Bone: Hidden Stories in what We Leave Behind by forensic anthropologist Sue Black and author of the 2018 Sunday Times bestseller All That Remains (which we also reviewed). Black’s new book shows how everything we do – from what we eat to where we go – leaves behind traces in every part our skeleton. Covering criminal and historical cases, Black pieces together the evidence to rebuild the facts of life.

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