In this episode we’re reading United We Are Unstoppable: 60 Inspiring Young People Saving Our World, a book of short stories, told by the people who are fighting for their homes and their futures in the face of climate change.

Find out what we thought about the book, whether you should read it, and hear from editor Akshat Rathi about what it was like to work with and learn from young climate activists.

You can also read Monserrat’s full review of United We Are Unstoppable here.

Book club video

We’re trying out something new – book club on screen! You can see Katrina Krämer, Becky Snelgrove and Nikki Man discuss United We Are Unstoppable.

Next month, it’ll be the end times in our podcast with The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking) by cosmologist Katie Mack.

If you, dear listener, know of a title you would like us to discuss in an upcoming book club, let us know in the comments below or tweet at us @ChemistryWorld.