The application specific software solution Empower streamlines analysis of ultra-high-performance size exclusion chromatography (SEC) data for polymers. Waters’ informatics group senior product manager Neil Lander is part of the team that develops the lab software solutions that help organisations meet scientific and operational goals.

Lander recognises that more defined and resolved polymer analysis is the advance that scientists need, but that it brings with it more data points and greater datasets to manage and interpret. Waters’ Empower Software was designed to make processing polymer analysis data more efficient – and it offers a gel permeation chromatography (GPC) option too.

Tools of empowerment

The benefits of streamlining data analysis are clear, Lander says. ’Empower requires no downtime for training, re-engineering workflow or adding new software to support instruments or advanced chromatographic techniques.’

Waters versatile, easy-to-use software increases productivity and:

  • Minimises training and transaction costs with intuitive and configurable user interfaces
  • Eliminates the need for manual recordkeeping
  • Supports compliance and security requirements
  • Improves information management, storage and data mining capacity
  • Refines processes with method development and validation management tools

Automated calculations streamline data analysis

Empower software simplifies the task of processing GPC/APC data to calculate MW parameters efficiently providing molecular weight parameters that allow effective characterisation of polymer samples.

Empower also monitors systems, checks OEE and that operating standards are as they should be.


As a fully Food and Drug Administration 21 CFR Part 11 compliant tool, Empower helps companies ensure adherence to documentation regulation. 

It also easy integration into the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) your company use, helps make the data management more efficient especially in terms of the regulatory challenges faced by labs globally. 

Empower can also boost a company’s overall Method Lifecycle Management (MLCM) processes.

In partnership with Waters Corporation, we’ve put together a bundle of free resources to support the precision polymer analysis collection.

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