You’re unlikely to find a chemist who doesn’t consider gel permeation chromatography (GPC) – otherwise known as size exclusion chromatography (SEC) – method development time-consuming.

But BEH particles used in Waters’ size exclusion chromatography column technology, and the low dispersion of Acquity Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC) system, has transformed how scientists are approaching the task. As the most advanced analytical equipment for measuring polymers available, the Acquity APC provides researchers with the molecular weight distribution detail they need to make decisions about material samples.

Game-changing web-based column selector tool

An online tool, the APC column selector is a drop down menu interface that allows analytical chemists to quickly build operating parameters for the method. Incorporating solvent, column temperature, flow rate and column size, the tool makes method decisions simpler by predicting and displaying the molecular weight range capabilities in its calibration curves section. Just three columns can cover a separation range from 200 daltons to two million daltons on the first screening and then modify the column selection conditions for optimisation.

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Waters’ online the APC column selector simplifies GPC method development

Automation: Allows up to six solvent changes with unattended operation

Because the APC’s typical run times are less than 10 minutes, calibration curves can easily be incorporated into the SEC experiment. The benefits are clear, says Gough. ‘The ability to develop method quickly and with confidence enables streamlined workflows,’ whether for research or routine analysis.

For inventing the next grade of polymers for 3-D printed medical devices, biodegradable plastics or accurately predicting structure–property relationships in polymer samples, the APC system is unbeatable.

In partnership with Waters Corporation, we’ve put together a bundle of free resources to support the precision polymer analysis collection.

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