An evaluation scientist at Waters for over seven years, Willis Martin describes Waters' Acquity advanced Polymer chromatography (APC) system as an 'all-in-one chromatographic analysis tool'.

Waters APC technology supports high speed gel permeation chromatography (GPC), normal and even reverse phase separations, gel permeation elution chromatography (GPEC) and hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC). In fact, says Martin, any type of chromatography needed.

In his assessment of products and software packages in Waters range, Martin draws on his experience analysing polymers as Dow analytical chemist. Having used the Acquity APC – specifically for GPC large molecules analysis – during his lab career at the chemicals giant, his investigations are taken very much from a chemist's perspective.  

'With the molecules that chemists work on getting smaller and smaller, it was time for the analytical chemistry solution providers to help scientists characterise at these diminishing molecular scales,' he says. 

In terms of a timely analytical chemistry innovation, the ‘more resolved and better defined peaks’ the APC delivers will ensure polymer scientists maintain pace with an ever-evolving materials science sector. 'We need to know exactly what this polymer is because the slightest modification could mean completely different results in the end. What the APC provides is just that much more level of detail,' says Martin.

Ultimate flexibility in polymer analysis

Using APC with polymer quaternary solvent manager (p-QSM) technology offers the ultimate flexibility to analyse the most complex polymer blends and additives, says Martin. It allows the APC to perform gradient separations that were otherwise impossible with the previous iteration of the APC. In fact, analysis of complex blends and additives is possible using standard polymer chromatography, gradient polymer elution chromatograph (GPEC), and reverse-phase liquid chromatography with a single system.

Harsh solvents? No problem with the APC

With its high tolerance of harsh organic solvent use, the APC helps polymer researcher achieve their high throughput goals using GPC technique use. With faster analysis, polymer scientists get proof of concept faster, which translates to faster time to market and greater market share.

In partnership with Waters Corporation, we've put together a bundle of free resources to support the precision polymer analysis collection.

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