Worried by the position science now holds in US politics thousands of scientists are signing up to become candidates

More than 3000 US scientists have expressed interest in running for political office, according to the organisation 314 Action, who want more leaders with a background in science or technology to be elected.

Following President Trump’s election the group announced it wanted to encourage more scientists to consider standing for office at all levels of government, and would provide training on forming a campaign. It said the response to an initial questionnaire it put out to gauge interest – which was filled out by more than 3000 science, technology, engineering and maths professionals – was ‘overwhelming’, far in excess of what it expected, and highlights the level of concern about what the future holds for the role of science in politics.

The US’s scientific community has been vocal in its opposition to some of Trump’s policies, and a protest march is being planned for April.

314 Action says it will hold a seminar in Washington, DC on 14 March for potential candidates with training and advice from experienced politicians. For those who cannot attend in person, the sessions will be streamed live.