Elisabeth Bik

Legal threats, online trolls and low pay: the world of scientific sleuth Elisabeth Bik


Chemistry World catches up with one of the world’s leading scientific integrity experts

Elisabeth Bik

Integrity specialist has no case to answer over blackmail, extortion allegations, French officials find


Elisabeth Bik, famed for her research integrity work, admits that she is relieved that the investigation is over

Humphry Davy and his notebooks

What Humphry Davy’s notebooks reveal about his life and work


Excerpts show different sides of chemist’s character

Andres Jaramillo

Periodic table of food initiative to uncover exactly what’s in our food


Project will create database of food compounds to standardise understanding of biomolecular composition of foods

Tear gas

Explainer: what is tear gas?


Accusations of the use of tear gas as a weapon of war in Ukraine have put these agents in the spotlight once more

Gas masks in the trench

Claims of tear gas use against Ukrainian troops ‘insufficiently substantiated’


Chemical weapons watchdog says more evidence is needed on whether Russia violated convention

Portrait of Zhang Yongzhen

Chinese scientist who published Sars-CoV-2 genome without approval regains access to lab


Following Zhang Yongzhen and his team’s eviction from their lab, a protest appears to have forced a U-turn from authorities


Ban on most uses of dichloromethane finalised in US


New rule phases out consumer use of the chemical within a year, and prohibits most industrial and commercial uses within two years

A molecular structure featuring oxygen atoms connecting carbon rings, some of which have fluorine side groups and others include nitrogen in the rings, into a large ball-like 3d structure.

Porous organic ‘cage of cages’ crystalline structure predicted by computational modelling


Organic cages have been used as precursors to synthesise higher-order porous structures, adding to their functionality while the ability to solution process them is retained.

Close up of a man sneezing showing the droplets spreading from his nose and mouth

Elevated carbon dioxide lets Sars-CoV-2 live far longer in droplets


Study explains why good ventilation lowers transmission of Covid-19


‘Late-stage saturation’ could improve drugs' effectiveness


Approach turns flat aromatic structures into three-dimensional saturated molecules with improved medicinal properties

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