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  • Opinion

    Breaking the surface?


    Philip Ball is perplexed by the EPSRC’s decision to cut surface science funding

  • Opinion

    Be careful what you wish for


    The struggle for a single unitary European patent may be close to an end, says Darren Smyth, but we must still hold out for an agreement that performs as it should

  • Opinion

    Integrity governance, a no brainer


    Ireland must match recent research investment efforts with appropriate research integrity oversight or risk losing public support, says Maura Hiney

  • Opinion

    Integrity begins at home


    James Parry argues that safeguarding the integrity and quality of research is best achieved through cultural and not regulatory means

  • Business

    Irish government plans to pick winners in research


    Science funding will be targeted to areas that will deliver the biggest return on investment

  • Careers

    To ECHA his own


    The EU’s Reach regulation involves a huge data gathering operation - Kaihsu Tai is working right at its heart