An illustration showing the process of recycling fabrics

Recycling clothing the chemical way


Nina Notman explores how chemistry is poised to close the loop in clothing recycling

An image showing three conical flasks in decreasing size

No quick fix for declining degree applications


A complex network of educational influences underlies why fewer students want to study chemistry at university

A photo of Isabel Ellie Knaggs surrounded by a decorated frame

Ellie Knaggs and tetrahedral carbon


Ellie Knaggs’ claim to be the first to use x-rays to prove carbon’s tetrahedral bonding in molecules has been overlooked, finds Andy Extance

An image showing a group of chicken and poo

Bird droppings to help cut the crap in graphene doping papers


Dramatic illustration shows there’s little value in doping graphene electrodes to make better water splitting catalysts

An image showing researchers in a lab

Researchers love their jobs but toxic competition and publishing pressures take their toll


Largest survey of its kind finds research culture is struggling – results that surprise few

An image showing Boris Johnson at the first cabinet meeting

Future of UK science hangs in the balance in crucial year


Promises to double funding and create new blue skies research agency sit uneasily with likelihood of crashing out of EU science programmes

An image showing the OHIS compound in Skopje, North Macedonia

Balkan states face uphill task over environmental remediation


Abandoned chemical plants and stores pose cleanup challenges

An image showing gas masks

Two dead at US industrial tank cleaning site


Workers overcome by fumes in enclosed tanker truck

An image showing a view of Saturn from Titan

Computer says no to membrane-bound life on Titan


Scientists quash inside–out cell membrane theory but don’t completely rule out possibility of life on cryogenic liquid hydrocarbon worlds

An image showing the signed modulus of the current density in Pd7(NCMe2)6

First benzene-mimicking molecule made entirely from palladium


Palladium hexagon is a rare example of all-metal aromatic nanocluster

An image showing yo-yo-like single crystals

Yo-yo crystals are a new, rare kind of chiral porous material


Highly unusual structures possess chirality on molecular and macroscopic scales

An image showing Trametes versicolor

Fungal enzyme given catalytic role inside lithium–air battery


Metalloenzyme changes its structure in harmony with the pH of the battery, promoting oxygen reduction and evolution as required

An image showing an asteroid hitting Earth

Crystals reveal the site of the world’s oldest meteorite strike


Mineral chemistry suggests the massive impact 2.3 billion years ago could have made our entire planet much warmer

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A photograph of Polly Arnold

Polly Arnold’s diversity of interests


Kit Chapman asks the champion of actinide chemistry and diversity in science what comes next as she starts her new role at a US national lab

An image showing glycans

Can chemists crack our cells’ sugar code?


Rachel Brazil talks to the scientists trying to understand the sweet mystery of the glycome

An image showing rhodamine b added microneedles

Can smart biomaterials deliver?


James Mitchell Crow explores the next generation of therapeutic biomaterials, which aim to interact dynamically with the body and help to control diabetes and heal wounds

An image showing hands placing spices into a pan of curry

The chemistry of a curry


Can chemistry help Nina Notman make a better curry?

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