An image showing EU and Union flags fluttering in the breeze as Pro and anti-Brexit demonstrators protest outside of the Houses of Parliament in central London

Brexit uncertainty leaves science under threat as general election looms

By Simon Perks

The winding path to the UK leaving the EU has already taken a toll on the nation’s science

An image showing the concept of repurposing scientific theories

Borrowing scientific theories


Can re-purposed science help us understand more than the physical world? Rachel Brazil talks to the scientists trying to play swap

An image showing turmeric

Separating turmeric fact from fiction


Thousands of papers have been published on curcumin’s healing potential, but its usefulness is not yet proven, finds Andy Extance

An image showing windmills next to water

From philanthropy to sustainability


Corporate Social Responsibility in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries is changing

An image showing Terry David Bateman and Bradley Allen Rowland

Two Arkansas chemistry professors charged with manufacturing methamphetamine


Henderson State University researchers arrested after lab discovery now face 40 years to life in prison

An image showing the White Mountain - large open air phosphogypsum waste storage near Voskresensk, Moscow oblast, Russia

Carbon Cycle’s gypsum purification process cleans up radioactive fertiliser waste


The patented process could prevent environmental damage and provide a new source of gypsum and rare-earth metals

An image showing a man receiving a vaccine against Ebola

European commission gives green light to first Ebola vaccine


Drug shown to be effective and safe following clinical trials involving 16,000 people

An illustration showing bullying

Worldwide survey of PhD students reveals bullying, discrimination and anxiety


A fifth of PhDs report bullying and a third have sought help for anxiety or depression

Schematic of the two superlattices formed by LNF3 nanoplatelets

Odd 'entropic bonds' akin to chemical ones can form between nanoparticles


Simulations finds that ’bonding’ can occur in the absence of any electronic interaction

An image showing a positron bond

Positron dihalides join exotic group of molecules that combine matter and antimatter


Theoretical evidence that positronic covalent bonds between halide anions would be energetically stable

An image showing the method used to produce the ductile glass

Flexible glass paves the way for virtually unbreakable smartphone screens


Aluminium oxide films could find use in flexible electronics and durable batteries if manufacturing problems can be overcome

An image showing how synthetic chiral light selectively interacts with one of the two versions of a chiral molecule

Simulated chiral light identifies and controls mirror-image molecules


Theoretical ‘photonic reagent’ could highlight enantiomers for simple separation

An image showing tetra-sense oxygen

Supramolecular mask simplifies fullerene modification


Porphyrin structure makes it easier to perform selective reactions on fullerene substrates

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An illustration showing an X-ray of two batteries and a salt shaker

A battery technology worth its salt


With lithium-containing batteries facing constraints on many of the metals they contain, Nina Notman looks at whether its group 1 neighbour sodium can supply the answer

An illustration of the concept of single atom catalysis

Single-atom catalysis


Single atom and hierarchical nanopore catalysts are reducing the need for precious metals, and could clean up the energy and chemical industries, finds Andy Extance

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