Mark Peplow

Mark Peplow

Mark Peplow is a science journalist with more than a decade of experience as a reporter and editor.

Before turning freelance in January 2013, he spent four years as the chief news editor at Nature magazine, where he ran the global news team. He was the editor of Chemistry World magazine from 2006 to 2008, which followed two years as a reporter at Nature.

Mark’s writing spans the physical sciences, but focuses in particular on chemistry and materials, science policy and the areas where they collide – including energy and the environment. Aside from his monthly Critical Point column for Chemistry World, he writes for many other science magazines including Nature, Scientific American, Chemical & Engineering News and Spectrum.

Mark has a degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford, a PhD in organometallic chemistry from Imperial College London, and an MSc in science communication from Imperial. He lives on the outskirts of Cambridge with his wife and two children.

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