This month we discuss Adventures in the Anthropocene: a journey to the heart of the planet we made by Gaia Vince. 

Gaia Vince - Adventures in the Anthropocene

Geologists categorise time in ages, periods, eras and epochs. For the last 12 000 years, humans have been living in the the Holocene epoch, but now humanity is having such a significant impact on the planet that geologists are coming to a consensus that the Holocene has ended and we are entering a new epoch. This new epoch has been dubbed the Anthropocene, or the age of humans.  This change is being driven by our rapid altering of the oceans, the atmosphere, our rivers and indeed every habitat. Gaia Vince went on a journey around the world to see how people are being affected by these rapid changes, and how communities and nations are responding. 

Hear an extract from the book, an interview with Gaia and the views of the Chemistry World team in this month’s podcast.

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