For this month’s podcast, we take a slight diversion from our usual non-fiction theme, and take a look at Jennifer Rohn’s lab-lit novel Cat Zero. Being a scientist as well as a writer, Rohn finds herself in a unique position, enabling her to combine the drama of a traditional thriller with hard science details that most books either ignore or get wrong.

Jennifer L. Rohn – Cat Zero

The book follows the exploits of Art Marshall, an under-funded scientist whose life is split between toiling away on a virtually unknown cat virus, and a personal life that lunges between messy divorce and awkward romance. This remains the case until, one day, cats start dropping like flies, and Arty finds herself caught up in a virus that is now having a rather alarming effect on the human population.

In next month’s podcast edition, we go with the flow to discuss Liquid: the delightful and dangerous substances that flow through our lives by Mark Miadownic.

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