This time, we’re reading Written In Bone: Hidden Stories in what We Leave Behind by forensic anthropologist Sue Black and author of the 2018 Sunday Times bestseller All That Remains (which we also reviewed). Black discusses criminal and historical cases from her own career, showing how everything we do – from what we eat to where we go – leaves behind traces in our skeleton.

Find out what we thought about the book, whether you should read it, and hear from Black herself as she talks about her favourite bone and why mortuaries are the funniest place in the world.

You can also find Laura’s full review of Written in Bone here.

For our Christmas episode next month, we’ll do something a little different: reviewing children’s science books! During the podcast, we will look at four books for different age groups, includingOnce Upon an Atom by children’s poet James Carter and illustrator Willian Santiago. By bringing together three families, we’ll try to find out what makes a great science book for a younger audience and what it takes to write one.

If you, dear listener, know of a title you would like us to discuss in an upcoming book club, let us know in the comments below or tweet at us @ChemistryWorld.