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    New European lithium source?


    New lithium mineral reserves in Finland could ease Europe's reliance on countries like China for supplies of the material

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    The Educated Chemist: Policy pull


    Those who thrive across disciplines may want to take a closer look at Science and Technology Studies (STS), suggests Helen Carmichael

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    The will to win


    While Canada may win medals when it hosts the 2010 Winter Olympics, when it comes to innovation the nation is still finding its feet. Helen Carmichael reports

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    Company Profile: Poised for success


    Vancouver-based Xenon Pharmaceuticals is turning heads. Charles Cohen tells Helen Carmichael about the company's research, and its close ties with British Columbia's universities

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    The Educated Chemist: More than maple syrup


    In Canada, food is big business. A network of university and government labs, along with industry, offer lots of job opportunities for food scientists. Helen Carmichael reports

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    EPA: Bankrupt chemical firms must pay for site clean up


    US Environmental Protection Agency proposal to ensure chemical firms have cash to clean up abandoned facilities should they go bankrupt

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    Profile: Bridging the gap


    Entrepreneurial drive led Christopher Pike to success in the world of intellectual property. Helen Carmichael reports

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    Profile: The perfect process


    Nicola Razzell left a career in banking to work for the pharmaceutical industry and has never looked back, as she tells Helen Carmichael

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    Bayer bows to safety concerns


    Following an explosion at a US plant last year, Bayer CropScience is slashing its stock of toxic methyl isocyanate

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    US officials probe hydrogen fluoride incidents


    A spate of toxic gas leaks from US refineries is causing concern the recession may be putting lives at risk

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    Managing change: The mother of invention


    Many fear redundancy but it helped David Cole to get his Environmental Innovations business off the ground, reports Helen Carmichael

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    Managing change: Postdoc push


    Finding the right postdoc position is a vital step in a research career. Helen Carmichael asks which strategies work best in today's economic and scientific climate

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    The Educated Chemist: Crossing boundaries


    Synthetic biology is an exciting discipline that links science, engineering and computing. Helen Carmichael reports on how the subject is inching its way into UK universities

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    Profile: Speaking of science


    In just a few short years Karen Bultitude has switched from scientific research to become a sought-after science communicator, writes Helen Carmichael

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    Chemical pollution gets personal


    Researchers have measured the rise and fall of chemicals in their own bodies after using everyday products

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    The insider: The biologics boom


    There are decent job prospects in biopharmaceuticals, but you'll need to learn your trade and gain work experience. Helen Carmichael gets advice from an industry expert

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    Chemistry in Africa


    Science is playing an increasingly important role in sub-Saharan Africa. A number of new initiatives and organisations are helping to promote chemistry in education and industry, as Helen Carmichael finds out

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    David Preskett tells Helen Carmichael how an early career in forestry led him quite naturally to a PhD in chemistry.

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    Gene therapists swarm round honeycomb lipid


    US researchers have synthesised a lipid molecule they say shows real promise in gene therapy.

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    Trash or treasure


    Could a fire in a Roman villa alter the way we look at art forgeries? Who can tell you whether jewels on show at the Oscars are real? Helen Carmichael meets the detectives