Anti body cell metical biology biotechnology art

Cancer immunotherapy spreads rapidly

17 October 2018

New approvals and expanded use for checkpoint inhibitor drugs illustrate the power of Nobel-winning science

A handful of dry technological wood chips. Selective focus.

Europe to invest €100 million to boost bioeconomy

17 October 2018

New strategy aims to improves sustainability and add 1 million jobs over 20 years

A still from the video that won first place in the Nikon Small World in Motion Photomicrography Competition

Beautiful science of small world showcased in video competition

12 October 2018

Zebrafish nervous system development and trippy soap patterns wow judges

A futuristic concept image of a doctor pressing a button on a holographic display

US military wants AI to discover new molecules for it

11 October 2018

Defence research agency launches project to optimise unknown molecule discovery to protect against threats

Thomas A. Steitz

Thomas Steitz, Nobel laureate who unlocked the inner workings of the ribosome dies

11 October 2018

Steitz shared the 2009 chemistry Nobel prize for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome


In depth

  • Leave the country or leave the job: the hard choice facing young Spanish researchers

  • Ultracold molecules are poised to unearth chemistry’s foundations

  • Building resilience to climate threats

  • ‘No deal’ Brexit would leave UK science staring down the barrel

  • Businesses use blockchain to take on trustlessness

Female scientist in chemistry lab

There is no one answer to improving diversity


Grassroots initiatives and larger projects are both vital weapons in the battle for equality

Hand with green slime

Time to rewrite the textbooks


How science corrects is an important lesson in the classroom


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