Emma Stoye presents this month’s podcast about immunology professor Daniel Davis’s latest book – The Beautiful Cure. The book details the history of immunology, along with insights from the author’s career and findings from his recent research. As a leader in his field, Davis breaks down the various factors that can affect the human immune system, explains how complex a thing it is, and goes on to explore how sensitive it is to things like sleep, stress, age and even state-of-mind. 

Daniel M Davis – The beautiful cure

In next month’s podcast edition, we’ll be discussing lab-lit fiction in the form of Cat Zero, by Jennifer L. Rohn. Mixing science with traditional thriller elements, we follow female scientist Artie Marshall as her life takes a dark turn. One moment she’s in a basement studying a cat virus that no-one but her seems to care about, the next she’s fearing for her safety and it isn’t just the cats getting infected…

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